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April 27, 2014

Simpsons Season 5

Homer's Barbershop Quartet

S5E1 Homer's Barbershop Quartet


After the kids find a record with Homer's picture on it, he recalls the story of how he achieved fame in the 1980s with his barbershop quartet The Be Sharps.

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Cape Feare

S5E2 Cape Feare


An anonymous letter writer makes ominous threats to Bart. The Simpsons discover they were sent by Sideshow Bob who, when released from prison, harasses the Simpsons and then attempts to kill Bart with a machete. But Bob's vanity foils him yet again.

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Homer Goes to College

S5E3 Homer Goes to College


When it is revealed that Homer is grossly unqualified to be a safety inspector at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, he goes to Springfield University to study nuclear physics. While there, Homer befriends a group of nerds and encourages them to steal a rival school's mascot pig. The prank...

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S5E4 Rosebud


Mr. Burns goes on a desperate quest to recover his cherished childhood toy Bobo, a bear which is now in Maggie's possession.

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Treehouse of Horror IV

S5E5 Treehouse of Horror IV


When Homer announces he would sell his soul for a donut, the Devil, disguised as Ned Flanders, shows up to take him up on the offer. Second Act, while ridings to school, Bart believe he sees a malevolent gremlin on the side of the bus. And final act, Mr. Burns is Dracula, in a spoof of Francis Ford...

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Marge on the Lam

S5E6 Marge on the Lam


Marge spends some time with her neighbor, Ruth Powers, and the two find that they enjoy each other's company very much. One night, Ruth picks up Marge in a cherry '66 T-Bird convertible that just happens to have been reported stolen by Ruth's ex-husband. Pursued by Chief Wiggum, Marge and Ruth take...

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Bart's Inner Child

S5E7 Bart's Inner Child


Homer and Marge are entranced by a charismatic self-help guru named Brad Goodman. While attending a Brad Goodman seminar with his parents, Bart is asked to appear on stage with the man himself and, as usual, misbehaves. Rather than be annoyed by Bart's sarcastic comments, Goodman uses Bart as a...

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Boy-Scoutz 'n the Hood

S5E8 Boy-Scoutz 'n the Hood


Experimenting with a dangerous all-syrup Squishee, Bart and Milhouse get loopy and run around Springfield singing and having adventures. Waking up with a massive Squishee hangover, Bart remembers that he enlisted in the Junior Campers, the dweebiest after-school program in the world. Bart is...

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The Last Temptation of Homer

S5E9 The Last Temptation of Homer


Homer finds he's falling in love with Mindy Simmons, the beautiful new engineer at the plant. Things only get worse when Homer and Mindy are sent to represent the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant at the National Energy Convention in Capital City. The more time they spend together, the more Homer...

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$pringfield (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling)

S5E10 $pringfield (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling)


When gambling is legalized in Springfield, Mr. Burns opens an extravagant casino on the boardwalk. Homer is hired as a blackjack dealer despite his counting difficulties and Marge finds herself drawn to the slots, where she begins to spend all of her time. Meanwhile, cashing in on the trend, Bart...

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Homer the Vigilante

S5E11 Homer the Vigilante


A cunning cat burglar named Molloy is robbing Springfield's citizens of their most prized possessions. Homer forms a citizens' watch group that winds up breaking more laws than they protect. Molloy continues his crime spree uninterrupted, but when he sets his sites on the world's biggest cubic...

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Bart Gets Famous

S5E12 Bart Gets Famous


While working as Krusty the Clown's personal assistant, Bart accidentally steals the limelight when he knocks over a set on live TV and says four magic words:

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Homer and Apu

S5E13 Homer and Apu


After Homer eats tainted meat from the Kwik-E-Mart, Apu finds himself out of a job. As an apology to Homer, Apu moves in with the Simpsons and becomes their personal chef and valet. Meanwhile, actor James Woods becomes the new clerk at the Kwik-E-Mart. Apu begins to realize that he is not happy...

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Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy

S5E14 Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy


After years of loving her Malibu Stacy doll, it begins to dawn on Lisa that her favorite toy sets a bad example for little girls. Lisa tracks down Stacy Lovell, the original creator of the Malibu Stacy doll, and together they design and market a positive, pro-girl doll named Lisa Lionheart. The toy...

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Deep Space Homer

S5E15 Deep Space Homer


Homer and Barney are recruited to be NASA astronauts, so the organization will be more appealing to the common man. It looks like Barney will actually be the one shot into space, but when he falls off the wagon, Homer goes instead. In the space capsule, Homer causes all forms of accidents and...

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Homer Loves Flanders

S5E16 Homer Loves Flanders


When Homer discovers that Ned Flanders has season football tickets, the two men begin spending a lot of time together. Homer takes a real liking to Ned, but Ned isn't so sure how he feels about his new best friend. When the Simpsons and the Flanders go on a joint camping trip, Ned's animosity for...

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Bart Gets an Elephant

S5E17 Bart Gets an Elephant


Bart wins first prize in a wacky radio contest and becomes the proud owner of a giant elephant he names Stampy. Stampy, as you might imagine, turns out to be quite a handful for the Simpson family, but Bart loves his new pet more than anything. Homer, on the other hand, finds Stampy's upkeep too...

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Burns' Heir

S5E18 Burns' Heir


Well into his eighth or ninth decade, Monty Burns realizes that he has no children and therefore no heir for his vast fortune. After an audition process in which every child in Springfield vies for the coveted position as Burns' kid, Bart is selected for his attitude and scrappiness. Taking the boy...

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sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song

S5E19 sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song


Principal Skinner must learn to live without his beloved elementary school when Bart gets him fired. Ned Flanders is brought in to act as principal in Skinner's place. Coping with life outside of the locker-lined halls isn't easy for Skinner, but when he befriends his one-time nemesis, Bart, things...

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The Boy Who Knew Too Much

S5E20 The Boy Who Knew Too Much


In a case ripped right out of the headlines, Bart is the only witness when Mayor Quimby's ne'er-do-well nephew, Freddy, allegedly assaults a snooty French butler. Hiding under a table in the kitchen of the Quimby Compound, Bart can plainly see that Freddy didn't harm a single hair on the butler's...

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Lady Bouvier's Lover

S5E21 Lady Bouvier's Lover


Having already fallen hard for Marge, Mr. Burns now finds himself smitten with Marge's mother, Jacqueline Bouvier. Competing for the old lady's affection is Grandpa Simpson, who also thinks that she's the bee's arthritic knees. Burns is the more dashing suitor and proposes to Mrs. Bouvier, who...

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secrets of a Successful Marriage

S5E22 secrets of a Successful Marriage


Somehow Homer comes to teach an adult education class on how to have a successful marriage. Even stranger, he turns out to be pretty good at it, dispensing homespun advice that his students find useful. He also dispenses quite a bit of personal information and gossip about his marriage to Marge,...

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